Published Work

Fellow Travellers

Fellow Travellers is available now from Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Fellow Travellers follows the journey of Bindra Dhar, a young woman who, after being welcomed into the global community of professional time travelers, finds herself targeted by an enigmatic time criminal named Thurmond. As she discovers new allies and adversaries on her mission to stop Thurmond’s agenda — and to survive it — she learns that time travel is more dangerous and morally fraught than she ever could’ve expected. Fellow Travellers is a book about people who happen to be time travelers, their wants, their needs, their feelings, their fears, and their community.

The Cleanup Crew

“The Cleanup Crew” is a short story featured in The Trouble With Time Travel, an anthology from Smoking Pen Press, available in paperback and digital download.

Set in the same universe as Fellow Travellers, this story explores the work of the Clerk of Alternate Realities and her deputies—the time travellers who clean up the messes that other time travellers leave behind.


Jesse has been writing for Columbus Underground for several years, covering neighborhood issues, economics, science, technology and other topics.  He has been recognized for his work several times by the Ohio Society of Professional Journalists.

Works in Progress

Jesse is currently working on Parallel Kings, the sequel to Fellow Travellers, as well as Arch City, a historical detective novel set in Gilded Age Columbus.