Am I worldbuilding or procrastinating?

Many of the friends who read one or more of the early drafts of Fellow Travellers have complimented it as a good example of “worldbuilding,” which is a term I’ve struggled with insofar as it applies to my own work. It’s true that in writing Fellow Travellers, I was constructing a culture, a community, even a system of law and governance for my time travellers more or less from scratch. But in the strictest sense of the word, the “world” that my time travellers inhabit is not any different form our own. Obviously I’m being too conservative in my definition [...]

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Welcome to shanty season

“In the darkness of the streets, as the last of the fireworks detonated and the last of the bottles were downed and all the veterans started stumbling their way back to the encampments or to their inns and hotels or to the rooms of the industrious comfort-givers, a low, haunting sound droned out beneath the arches. The sound had melody, and as it snaked its way along High Street, words could be distinguished within its ghostly bellows. O! Santianna gained the day Away, Santianna! Napoleon of the West, they say Along the plains of Mexico! So heave her up and [...]

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