Currently Reading/Re-Reading September 28, 2021

Mostly re-reading at the moment, and both are books “from high school:” Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston and Macbeth by William Shakespeare.    Their Eyes Were Watching God - Zora Neale Hurston Mostly I’m surprised by how much of this book I still remember. I first read this in 11th grade, I think, and haven’t read it again since, but I remember just about every beat and character, and I find myself admiring the same things about it, like the way Hurston was willing to slip into some gothic/magical realism moments (the “buzzards’ ritual” atop the [...]

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I didn’t mean to write a detective story

I didn’t mean to write a detective story when I wrote Fellow Travellers, but it ended up being one.   Time travel and detective work has always been interwoven in my mind, probably because time travel seems like the ultimate detective’s tool. If you could transport yourself to the scene of the crime, during the crime, all crimes would be solved. Not just all crimes, but all mysteries. You could find out whether Shakespeare really wrote all that stuff. You could find out what really happened to Amelia Earhart. You could find out why you and that one ex-friend never [...]

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“Bubbles in the surface of circumstance” — True crime reflections on the anniversary of Maura Murray’s disappearance

I am a confirmed member of the church of true crime, and today is an important day among the initiated. It is a day of remembrance and reflection. Today is the 17th anniversary of Maura Murray’s disappearance. The basic summary of the case is this: Maura Murray is a college student from Massachusetts who drove into the White Mountains of New Hampshire on February 9, 2004. She crashed her car on the side of the road, was approached by some locals and declined their offers to help. She was never seen again. That’s about the best I can do while [...]

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I miss the library

There are plenty of things to miss during the pandemic—family, live music, etc. We all have the universal things we miss, and we all have the individual things we miss. I miss the library. The bleak, post-Christmas winter is my favorite time to camp out in the quiet spaces of Columbus Metropolitan Library’s Main Branch and fill notebook pages with research. Which is why I’m excited to see that the library will finally be open for browsing and limited services starting February 8.   Even during the library’s closure, CML’s website has been extremely helpful to me, especially early in [...]

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“Get a shot of this!”

There are too many horrifying things about last week’s violent insurrection in our nation’s capital that writing about any specific terrible part of it naturally feels like one is ignoring all the other terrible parts. Plenty of media members have commented on the specific targeting of journalists during the pro-Trump attack on the Capitol, the mob’s gleeful destruction of video equipment, the etching of “murder the media” on the building’s door. I am reluctant to be open with my feelings on these events because I feel the need to attach so many qualifiers. I am a freelance journalist, yes, but [...]

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How Much I Don’t Know

One of my best friends wants to write her first science fiction novel. She’s been thinking about it for years, and recently she texted me saying, “I’m overwhelmed by how much I don’t know about the moon and space! Did you feel this way about time travel, even though it’s more fiction-based? If so, how did you go about overcoming it?” That was an interesting question to answer because on the one hand, I did have a lot more freedom in how to depict time travel in Fellow Travellers precisely because time travel does not exist. I did some research [...]

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Cannibalizing Characters

Inasmuch as I am a part of “writing Twitter” I am aware of the common debate between whether plot or character is more important to a book or a story. I don’t really come down on one side or the other, but I find it interesting that, in my own experience, plots and characters materialize in very different ways and from very different places. Where does plot come from? is something I’ll consider later if I get around to it, but what I’m more interested in right now is Where do characters come from? For me, the answer that comes [...]

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